Various Artists - Just Like A Dream (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageYet again we have another tremendous value for money compilation from Jeremy Morris – filled with bands which for the most part I have never heard of. It is subtitled ‘A Dreampop Shoegaze Compilation’, and if that is describing inward looking psychedelic indulgence then that is the right term. I can say for certain is that it feels as if I have been wafted back into the late Sixties with the whiff of something not entirely legal (although there is a Legalize Cannabis party over here in NZ). Not every band hits the mark 100%, with The Morning Party in particular managing to be just off enough to make it hard to listen to, but this is mostly a superb collection. There are quite a few which feature some dreamy female vocals, with layered sounds as if shimmering scarves of many colours have been draped over the speakers. Soundpool have one of the longest songs on the album, “Do What You Love”, but it isn’t really long enough as it carries the listener away in time and space. Actually, if you turned this up and became far more aggressive then Hawkwind are in the house!

The band most known to me is Glowfriends, and as always they produce some magical music which manages to be both backwards and forwards looking at the same time while maintaining relevance in the current scene. Other bands include Malory, Airiel, The Brother Kite, Brief Candles, Tears Run Rings, Crash City Saints, Secret Shine, The Joy Bus, Je Suis Animal, The Flower Beds, Panda Riot, In Civilian Clothing, Thrushes, The Fauns, Sunlight Ascending and at more than 75 minutes long – with many of the tracks unavailable elsewhere – this is a compilation that lovers of psych and dream laded pop need to get their hands on quickly.

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