Aug, Jeff - Living Room Sessions (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageThis is Jeff’s fourth solo album, and it grew out of material he has been working on as part of Anne Clark’s album ‘Smallest Acts Of Kindness’. He then took these and rearranged them as instrumentals for solo acoustic fingerstyle guitar. I have been racking my brains to try and think who he reminds me of, and at times he is like a more intense Gordon Giltrap while at others he is definitely Nick Harper as he shreds his acoustic. To say that this guy can play is something of an understatement. There are not many people who are prepared to open for Allan Holdsworth, but Jeff happily tours with him (which in turn says something about Allan’s own confidence in his abilities).

None of these songs outlive their welcome, they are full of melody and pleasure and then are gone again. The only thing to really do is just put the CD on again and enjoy the experience. As the title suggests it was recorded with little or no studio trickery, just a man and his guitar sat in a living room (belonging to pianist and composer Murat Parlak) and playing away. The CD also contains videos for two of the songs, and as part of the promotion for the album he set a new world record of playing six gigs in six different countries in 24 hours and lived to tell the tale. Well worth investigation for fans of acoustic guitar, you won’t be disappointed.       
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