5 questions to Fabio Zuffanti

Artur Chachlowski,

ImageMLWZ's 5 questions to Fabio Zuffanti (Hostsonaten, La Maschera Di Cera, Finisterre, Aries, etc.)


1. Fabio, what inspires you in writing music?

FZ: Many many things. Nature, movies, books, people....I'm always very inspired from all these things. But sometimes music comes out also in a very strange way, apparently without any suggestions or inspirations. This is the magic of music, sometimes it comes out alone when you least aspects.

2. You have just released „Summereve” album. What was the story behind Hostsonaten’s „SeasonCycle Suite”?

FZ: Not a particular story, simply my feelings about seasons, the changing of it and their influence on my/our existence. I've tried to catch the deep feelings that every seasons brings with it (for example the melancholy of autumn, the sense of re-birth in spring, etc...) and transform it in music. I hope that people that will listen could feel the fragrance of a summer evening, the sound of the dry leaves or the falling of the snow...

3. Do you say goodbye to Hostsonaten project by releasing „Summereve” album? If no, what the listeners can expect in the future? If yes, wouldn’t it lack Hostsonaten in your artistic life?

Actually I really don't know what could be Hostsonaten's future but I don't think that the project will stop with the end of the seasons project. It will be a great surprise also for me working on a totally new project with Hostsonaten, after almost 12 years of seasons. We'll see...

4. How would you describe the differences between all the projects you are involved in? How would you help the one who doesn’t know the music of Aries, Finisterre, Hostsonaten and La Maschera Di Cera to tell these differences?

FZ: I think to put in every project some particular things that are only in that project. For example Aries' particularity could be Simona's voice. In Finisterre the particularity is the sound that explore pop-prog-postrock; a very modern music while Maschera Di Cera is very '70's prog, Hostsonaten is folk/symphonic and my solo project is electronica/songwriting.

To help new listeners my advice is to go to the bio page on my website www.zuffantiprojects.com, read it and choose the project nearest to its musical tastes. Then go to You Tube, search & listen something and then return to my website and buy the CDs :-)

5. What project(s) are you going to be involved in the nearest future? Are you thinking about starting any completely new band?

FZ: No plans for new band at this moment. In these days I'm working hard on my new solo album that will be out in May and will be very different from the previous two ('Fabio Zuffanti' and 'Ghiaccio'). This will be more pop/prog, a little bit closer to Finisterre's last things. And it will be the first cd published by my own label Spirals Records. I think that the work with my label will become ever more important for me in the next years.
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