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5 questions to Jeff Green

Artur Chachlowski,

Image5 questions to Jeff Green

1. I'd like to know about your cooperation with such well known artist in the progressive rock scene like Mike Stobbie (ex-Pallas) and Pete Riley (Icon) on your solo album

JG: I played in bands with both Pete and Mike back in the late '90's. Pete and I played in function and cover bands with Pete and when he heard I needed a drummer for my project, he kindly offered his services. Mike and I were playing in a tribute band together and during soundchecks I would play some Yes and Genesis licks here and there. Mike would join in and that began our friendship based on the mutual love of prog rock. Mike is such a wonderful player that when it came time to record keyboards he was the only choice!

2. What is the story told on the "Jessica" album about?

JG: It's about the stillbirth of my daughter Jessica back in 1996 and the various emotions I went through from the pregnancy through to her eventual birth:, hope, pride, loss, anger and finally acceptance.

You can read the full Jessica story online here.

3. Why did you choose mostly instrumental music to tell this story?Do lyrics play any important role in rock music in general or rather they should only stimulate the imagination of the listeners?

JG: I didn't want to bang anybody over the head with too much detail with lyrics. I tried to cover the four main emotions, hope, pride, anger and acceptance with the lyrical songs and tell the rest with music in order to allow people to interpret things on a more individual level.

I think lyrics play a huge role in music. However, I think that there should always be a certain element of ambiguity to allow the listener to come up with their own ideas. I tend to steer away from lyrics and lyricists that come across as overtly "preachy".

4. Do you think that your music can be described as 'progressive rock'?If so, what do you think about present condition of this genre? Which contemporary artists do you consider the most interesting nowadays?

JG: Yes I do, in as much that there are no time and formula based constraints. Also, I don't feel any limits in terms of what styles and limits I can draw upon with my music.

I think prog is very healthy at the moment. It seems to be enjoying a resurgence right now which is fantastic, for both music and musicianship as well. 

Of some of the more modern prog bands out there, I really enjoy Porcupine Tree, Ayreon, Transatlantic, Karmakanic amongst others.

5. What are your artistic plans for the future (new album, concerts, etc.)?

JG: I'm working on a new album entitled "Elder Creek" featuring Mike Stobbie and Pete Riley from my “Jessica” CD. I'm aiming for a late Summer release. I'm looking to perform some UK dates in support of the album.

And finally, where can people purchase the Jessica Album?

JG: The Jessica album can be purchased direct from Jeff on CD or Download from: http://web.mac.com/jeffrgreen/Jeff_Green/Jessica.html.

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