5 questions to October Sky

Artur Chachlowski,

Image5 questions to October Sky

1. Congratulations on amazing album. This is as much a work of art as music. I am very impressed. Let me ask you a few questions for the readers of MLWZ www.mlwz.pl web site in Poland. When and how October Sky started as the band?

OS: Alex (drummer) and Karl (singer/guitarist) started playing together in high school in 2000. Then they met Yanik (keyboardist) through a friend in 2003. When Yanik joined, the musical style changed a lot because of the introduction of keyboards. When they moved to from Montreal to Toronto, Canada in 2006, they rented out a man’s house who’s son, Andrew, played bass and joined the band when they returned to Montreal in 2007. Each member brings their own style to the group, which makes October Sky what it is today.

2. What inspired you to write the music for “Hell Isn’t My Home” album?

OS: We draw a lot of inspiration from experiences in our lives: people, places, etc... We also get a lot from the situations that surround us, particularly the state of the world and how people react those situations.

3. What can you say about the music from your new album to the ones who haven’t  heard it before?

OS: The new songs we recorded are much more mature than our first album. We also had the opportunity to work with a great producer in Montreal, which helped us take a step back from the music to make it as good as possible. We spent a lot of time writing and recording the songs, and focused on every detail, something that we did not give ourselves the chance to do with our first album.

4.What would you say to the ones who complain that October Sky music is too similar too Coldplay and Muse?

OS: I would tell them to listen to the entire album just to listen, not to compare, and they might discover that we are not as similar to those bands as they may think. Also, they might discover a part of our music that they might enjoy.

5. How about the European tour plans and how the European audience is importrant for you?

OS: Our fans in Europe have been incredible to us. We could never have expected such a great response from them, especially before we even played our first shows in Europe. This support has helped us focus on our music and allowed us to play music far away from home. After a short trip to London for a showcase on May 26th, 2011, we hope to return later this year for some more shows. We’ll keep you posted!
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