Glowfriends - To Have & To Hold

Kev Rowland,

ImageAccording to my notes I haven’t actually reviewed this album, which is pretty bad as I think that it has probably been waiting for at least two years, given that it was released at the beginning of 2009. But it has actually been a regular visitor to my deck over that period – there is something about Glowfriends that always brings a smile to my lips. Whether it is the sweet harmonies, or the sheer joy and naivety of it all, is hard to say – all I know is that this is an album full of summer and a firm belief that the year is 1969 and not forty years later (which is what it was when it was released – did I mention that I have been tardy?). True, with three of the quintet being children of Jeremy Morris they would always have an avenue to release their music but this is very much out there in its’ own right – Jeremy could not be accused of releasing this just because it is family, it’s damn fine!

This is a very layered album, but one that has a lightness to it that is really inspiring. It is sonically bang on with crystal clear production and manages to stay on the extremely sweet side without becoming sickly. It is a breath of fresh air, extremely well produced but sounding as if the guys are there in front of you just playing away – hard to explain why, but the word that keeps coming to mind is “honest” – it is an honest album, and if you can’t understand what I mean then perhaps you had better just find out more about it for yourself. I was playing this when attempting to get out of the bed the other day and failed miserably as I had to wait for it to finish as I didn’t want to spoil the mood by not playing it all of the way through to the end.

If you enjoy your music to be poppy and harmonious, but with a feeling for days gone by then you owe it to yourself to find out more about Glowfriends. Visit their site at where you can hear some of their music, or got to

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