Guill & Jem - Two Signals

Kev Rowland,

ImageThis is the third album from Argentine Guillermo Guill Cazenave and American Jeremy Morris, following on from ‘Two Seconds’ and ‘Two Suns’, and in many ways is the most complete of the series. There has never been any doubting the musical integrity of the other releases but here they have taken it to a whole new level. At times this is classic space rock with a lighter take on Hawkwind while at others it is nothing more or less than the mighty Steve Hillage – with guitars combining with keyboards in a way that is solid Seventies. There are very few people these days who make instrumental albums as consistently exciting and interesting as this, and fans of Ozrics really ought to stand up and take notice as this will definitely slot into their collection as well.

If I was going to fault this album, it is just that some of the backing music can seem a bit pedestrian at times, and this could probably had been taken to yet another level with a really strong drummer, but that is just nit picking on what is an album of gentle yet melodic guitar-led instrumentals that are a real delight to listen to. Music to drift away to as well as music to really enjoy in its’ own right.

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