Gorczyca, Andrew-Reflections - An Act Of Glass

Kev Rowland,

ImageAndrew Gorczyca passed away in 2004, and his drummer brother Chris took it upon himself to complete this album – searching for the right musicians that could do justice to his brother’s legacy. When you look at the people involved with this album, it is no surprise that it took so long with Spock’s Beard and Enchant just some of the bands involved. The list is as follows:- Adrian Belew (guitars, vocals), Bryan Beller (bass), Nick D’Virgilio (vocals), Shawn Farley (bass, guitars), Chris G (drums, keyboards, percussion), Randy George (bass, keyboards), Andrew Gorczyca (vocals), Wil Henderson (vocals), Phil Keaggy (guitars), Mike Keneally (guitars), Ted Leonard (vocals), Dave Meros (bass), Rich Mouser (guitars), Rick Musallam (guitars), Ryo Okumoto (keyboards), Billy Oskay (violins), Greg Strickland (bass) and Marc Ziegenhagen (keyboards). Phew!

It is always problematic with so many musicians to get an overall band feel, but generally this has been accomplished. Musically, this is prog-lite mixed with AOR, and it feels much more like a snack than a four course meal. Did I enjoy it? Certainly. Would I play it again? Probably. Would I play it repeatedly? And there’s the rub – it is a fun album, and certainly there isn’t anything inherently wrong with it, but is just a little too lightweight for me, not really proggy enough for that part of me that wants complex music and not enough hooks for the Journey lover in me. It is certainly enjoyable, and is worth hearing at least.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie