Knitting By Twilight - An Evening Out Of Town

Kev Rowland,

ImageKnitting By Twilight was first organized in sound and vision during the Spring of 1994 by musicians/composers John Orsi and Michael Watson. Initially, the Collective was percolated to be a springboard for compositional ideas unsuited in nature for either player's regular combo. ‘An Evening Out Of Town’ was released in 2008, and like much of their work brings together avant-garde with smatterings of jazz and film-score style music to create something that is extremely individual – imagine if you will Richard Wileman and Robin Taylor joining forces and this is approaching that sort of partnership. One of the most prevalent forces in their music is not the dischord or unusual use of instruments, but the space that is between the notes. At times there is the feeling that this audio tapestry has gaps that you could drive a truck through, but it is the space that gives the music the structure it needs to twist and evolve.

It is melodic yet there is dischord, it follows normal musical structure but has nothing in common with normal music and like all music that is worth listening to, it takes many repeated hours to get the full benefit from it. The pieces may not be interlinked, but they are very much related and it is best to play the whole instrumental album in one sitting where one will not be disturbed and just let the music take you away a to better place. Yet again KBT have released an album that transcends most musical styles and is something that is very much their own.        

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