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Various Artists - Hearts On Fire

Kev Rowland,

ImageThis 2010 compilation is the second in the ‘Sweet Relief’ series from Jeremy Morris who has again recruited two dozen artists to contribute tracks to the collection, whose proceeds provide financial aid for victims of hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. So, by purchasing this (from Jam Recordings, www.jamrecordings.com) you are providing financial support for some of those that have suffered - and given that I am writing this from my home in NZ I can assure you that natural disasters is something we know about down here – and at the same time you are getting a compilation of some of the best power pop/psychedelic music around. Jeremy is an incredibly prolific artist in his own right, in a multiple of styles, but here he has restricted himself to just one song which was written for this compilation, and a great start it is to proceedings. As in the previous compilation, there are a few notes on each of the artists and songs in general. Most of these bands are totally new to me, and that in itself is a sad indictment on modern music as in a different time and space these would all be household names.

I am particularly enthralled by Japan’s The Mayflowers whose “Get Over Time” is just about perfect, while DM3 is worth the price all on its’ own. Mind you, Floyd fans ought to get this for “That Girl is Emily”, a piece by The Records written about Syd Barrett and one of his more famous songs. Only one thing could make this compilation any better, and that would be if it were possible to have these songs on DVD…..
MLWZ album na 15-lecie