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Various Artists - Hearts On Fire DVD

Kev Rowland,

ImageNow, many people would think that a DVD with the same artwork and name would have the same tracklisting as the CD even if it was released a year later, but this is not the case. While it starts with the same song from Jeremy, from there on in it is quite different. There are only 15 videos here as opposed to 24 songs on the CD, and while some of the bands do appear on both – it is with different songs. Also, the quality of the videos are very different – some are professional, some are in concert and others have obviously been put together on a fairly low budget, and aren’t exactly what one would normally think of as a rock/pop video. But, yet again this is all for charity and is being sold for just $12 (US). I will always rave about Jeremy, but here I think the highlight of this set belongs to his children and Glowfriends’ “Go Back To Sleep”. It is power pop with a dreamy/layered feel that is full of psych and would have been a huge smash if it had been released forty or so years ago. It is a delight to listen to and the manic change within the song shows just how much power they have at their control. Also interesting to see the one song from Guill and Jem – I have enjoyed their three albums together

As with the CD, this is available through www.jamrecordings.com - but if I was only to get either the CD or DVD I would head for the CD, just because it contains a larger number of songs.      
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