Framepictures - Remember It

Kev Rowland,

ImageThere aren’t that many progressive rock bands from Portugal and it has to be said that this one had a very unusual beginning. They were put together as a group of session musicians to provide the music for a well know pop star, but after rehearsing together for six months without an sign of the ‘star’ they decided that they may as well go their own way. Initially they planned to be an instrumental act, but after a while they decided that a singer was needed and with Tiago Delgado on board as the frontman they set to recording this their debut album which was released in 2010.

There is a really fresh feel to the music, and while they are obviously all masters at their instruments they don’t force it, but rather go with the flow. For example, in “Call For Me” (second longest song on the album at 12 minutes plus) the focus is going to be on the drive and interplay of the keyboards, guitars and drums, but what makes it for me is the incredibly complex bass lines that are going on behind it all, adding that extra layer of musicality and adding to the melody without distracting from it. The band has been compared to Sylvan by some, and I would agree with that although there is more than a touch of Porcupine Tree, Fripp and even some Japan.

This is complex progressive rock music that is vibrant and somehow manages to maintain an intimacy and immediacy even though there is so much going on. It really does feel like a cool spring breeze, relaxing at times yet with a biting edge at others. And yes, they haven’t shied away from the epic either with the stunning “My Will To Live” which closes the album at some 26 minutes – there is some great guitarwork on this one. Well worth investigating.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie