Future Kings Of England, The - The Viewing Point

Kev Rowland,

ImageThis 2009 album was the third from the Suffolk instrumental outfit, featuring Ian Fitch (guitars), Karl Mallett (bass), Simon Green (drums) and producer Steve Mann (also keys). This album is one that is as rooted in psychedelic and space rock sounds as it is in progressive yet is so damn well played that anyone who likes even one of these genres will need to hear this. There are times when the mellotron is lush and gentle, with delicate piano set against it yet there are others when the guitars are dominating proceedings with ease. This is a band that can be gentle and reflective, or coarse and hard – often all in the same song. It really does bring to mind some of the styles of prog that was coming out of Germany in the early Seventies with Amon Düül II being definitely front of mind.

This is music that definitely belongs to thirty years ago, but somehow is still invigorating and dynamic today – a joy to listen to from start to end.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie