Metamorphosis - Dark

Kev Rowland,

ImageMetamorphosis is the brainchild of Swiss multi-instrumentalist Jean-Pierre Schenk who on this album provides vocals, keyboards, drums and bass and is joined by two guitarists, Olivier Guenat and Roger Burri. This is his fourth album, and was released in 2009. His other albums saw him being inspired very heavily by Pink Floyd but this album sees him stretch a little further and move away from the late Seventies feel that he previously favoured. ‘Dark’ is an interesting title, as it is the movement between dark and light that makes this album so interesting to listen to as there is just one contrast after another. There may be gentle vocals and repeated almost single finger keyboard motifs, but in the background there can be frenetic riffing that would be more in keeping with Malmsteen than Gilmour.

There is a great many layers in the music, and it is this that is still most in keeping with Floyd, but it can be argued that this has more in common with Porcupine Tree (especially), IQ and even Galahad at times. There is a real depth and purpose to the music, and although at times some of the melodies can be a little simplistic the overall impression is that this is a really enjoyable album. It certainly benefits from repeated plays and is a step forward from his previous albums. Well worth investigating.
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