Minasian, David - Random Acts Of Beauty

Kev Rowland,

ImageDavid Minasian is a well known composer and video director who actually released his debut solo album as long ago as 1984, but it is this 2010 album that has made many progheads stand up and take notice. Of course many Camel fans know of David as he directed their ‘Coming of Age’ DVD and here Andy Latimer has repaid the favour by providing guitars (and vocals on one number) on his first outing since 2002. David’s son Justin also provided guitars, with Guy Pettet on drums and David everything else. This is classic prog, steeped in the early Seventies and the sounds of The Moody Blues, Al Stewart, Camel, BJH and Renaissance. In many ways it is a very English sounding album, and with the liberal use of mellotrons it does sound as if it comes from that time as opposed to the present day.   

This is music that makes me smile; it may not be earth shatteringly original, but it is a real delight. There is just enough use of acoustic instruments and even a harpsichord to take away from the saccharine that at times almost envelops the listener, with some great guitar cut throughs. Latimer was having fun no doubt, while there are enough Hackett stylings and orchestration to please even the most hardened cynic. If you enjoy prog music then you will love this album, it is as simple as that. It isn’t challenging music, but rather something that the listener can put on and relax into like a well-worn armchair. Layered and delicate, full of harmonies and melody, who could ask for more?

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