7 Ocean - Diapause

Kev Rowland

Image7 Ocean is a band from the former Soviet republic of Belarus. Forming in 1989, they released four albums before breaking up after the death of one of the founding members in 1994. Some years later they reformed, and released the first album with the new line-up in 2008. Since then they have released two more albums on download only, and have now returned with their latest ‘Diapause’, which can be downloaded from their site and has also now been released on physical CD by Mals. All the music and lyrics are provided by Alexander Eletsky (keyboards, vocals), who has been the driving force behind the band since their inception some 25 years ago. All lyrics are in Russian, but that just adds to the very Eastern European feel that this album has.

It is symphonic, but there are some elements and stylings that show where this music has originated from, especially with some of the traditional folk that is obviously a major influence. If someone had asked me to pick a country of origin without knowing, I would have guessed Poland, and as they share a boundary with Belarus I don’t think I could have been accused of being too far away. One quite unusual part of this album is that there are a lot of keyboard sounds utilized that I would have associated far more with the eighties than the present day, and there are times when pop seems to be making it’s way into the prog. There are many dreamy sections, and the result is something that in many ways is quite atmospheric and pleasant, while also being somewhat dated. Some of these songs could be used as background music in films, but I don’t really view that as a positive in their case.

They do have quite an interesting website, and thankfully there is an English version, so if you want to find out some more then visit http://7ocean.info/englver/homeen.html      
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