Oracle - Live At Bloodstock

Kev Rowland

With more interest in the band currently being generated, they felt the time was right to also release a free live EP. On Saturday August 11th 2018 Oracle exploded onto the New Blood stage at the UK’s premiere metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air. Jason is in his element in front of a crowd, while the production is more raw, allowing the metallic onslaught from guitarists Connor McDonald and Jake Dornan to keep coming, while behind it all drummer Rhys Fraser and bassist Chief brought the thunder, crushing ribcages and imploding internal organs. Fraser is incredibly important to the overall sound, and the more I listened closely to what he was doing, the more I realised that he runs a band in the same way as Gene Hoglan. He is all over the place, adding drive and power when the need arises, finesse and nuances at others, ensuring there is a foundation for whatever the band is doing.

Then there is Jason. Now, I know he is my first cousin once removed (I had to look it up), but if he was crap I would say so, but here is a singer influenced by Chuck Billy and George Fisher in terms of his approach who is in total control. This is powerful stuff, yet is available directly from the Oracle Bandcamp page as a free digital download, with exclusive cover art while the professionally shot video footage is streaming on the Oracle Youtube channel. Download the EP, watch the footage and remember the day that Oracle’s star truly began to rise...

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