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Cerberon - Cerberon EP

Kev Rowland, Cerberon - Cerberon EP

Four songs, seventeen minutes in length, this is the debut EP from Scottish metal quartet Cerberon. Obviously influenced by early Venom, as well as Machine Head and Behemoth, this is a type of blackened metal that also contains huge elements of thrash. What one immediately notices is just how heavy this is, with riffs which are full of power and weight. The vocals work well with the rest of the band, sometimes almost breathy and distant, others guttural and over the top. My only issue with this is that all four songs are quite similar, and there is little variety in the approach, but that could well be due to only have four songs, so it will be interesting to hear what they get up to when there is more time available.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this band as they continue to grow: I am sure this isn’t the last we will hear of Cerberon.

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