Jerome Reuter (Rome) - interview

Artur Chachlowski, Jerome Reuter (Rome) - interview

Artur Chachlowski: You’re coming to Poland soon, how long’s it been?

Jerome Reuter: We were here about a year ago. We try to visit every year. We really like it in Poland, actually.

AC: Can you tell us a bit about the name of your new album, Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro?

JR: Not really. It's a somewhat historical, pseudo-mythological figure at the center of that image. I dislike dissecting my work.

AC: How’s the response been so far?

JR: Very good, I believe. But when you're in the midst of that whirlwind, it's quite hard to tell.

AC: Who are your favourite collaborators and why?

JR: Well, so far I've only collaborated with Thaström - as far as other artists go, and that's been a great privilege. He's a true legend. But there's gonna be a few more guests on the next album. I can't reveal anything for the time being, though.

AC: What themes did you seek to tackle on the record?

JR: It's a very contemporary record, I guess. Mixed with somegeneral thoughts. It's really not for me to say. Others have to be the judge of that.

AC: Where do you go from here?

JR: Onwards and upwards.

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