Caren Coltrane Crusade - The Bell

Kev Rowland

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to hear a large amount of Polish progressive rock music, and also quite a few releases from the wonderful Lynx Music label, but I am sure this is the first time I have come across anything quite like this. At the time of this their debut in 2016 the band comprised of Marzena Wrona (vocals, electronics), Marek Kaczerzewski (guitar), and Piotr Abraham (percussion) and there is no doubt they are as far removed from the “normal” Polish prog scene as can be imagined as they sound like they have been influenced by Björk and Russian acts like Disen Gage in equal measure.

It is avant garde, pushing listeners to their limits with vocals which sound improvised over the top of arrangements which are often more mainstream and certainly often appear to have nothing to do with the vocals whatsoever. This is not an easy album to listen to, with keyboard sounds which can be quite twee and very Eighties in their style, yet they are also pushing the musical boundaries with multiple layers. The percussion is key here, as even though that is also often electronic, it is way more than just programmed material, while the guitar sometimes seems out of place while at others it is very much at home. This is not an album which will gain wide acclaim, even within the progressive scene, as it is uncompromising in every way yet is also truly progressive in that it attempts to create styles and forms which are away from the mainstream for which they should be applauded. Their Facebook page has not been updated in a few years so they may no longer be active, but if you are interested in music which can be uncomfortable and challenging then this is worth seeking out.

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