Bowness, Tim - Butterfly Mind

Kev Rowland

Tim Bowness (no-man) is back with his seventh solo album (as opposed to an album where he is co-credited with another, of which there have been quite a few over the years). He has had a total change of personnel since 2020’s ‘Late Night Laments’ and while he provides vocals, backing vocals, synths, samples, ukulele and Fx there are a host of guests such as Richard Jupp, Nick Beggs, Ian Anderson, Peter Hammill and Greg Spawton among others. In many ways this is a sequel to the last release, as again we have plenty of softer moments which one can imagine him providing with Steven Wilson alongside, but there are times, such as on “We Feel” which is more dramatic, featuring fluet from none other than Ian Anderson which somehow feels both right and very out of place.

The songs are all very modern, in that they hearken back often to the Eighties as opposed to the Seventies, and often feel as if Richard Barbieri has been involved again as there are plenty of Japan-style moments or early Porcupine Tree. The result is an effective and interesting release which even my wife thinks is a pleasant listen (not what she normally says about my musical tastes). Bowness continues to produce music which is really enjoyable and very different to most within the prog scene, and long may he continue to do so.

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