Electric Forgiveness - Echoes & Booms (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageElectric Forgiveness is a new band consisting of John Bundrick (The Who) and Jon Dawson (Third of Never) along with Jeremy on guitar and Tony Stiglitz on drums. Now, I am a huge fan of Jeremy, like Third of Never, and one of John Bundrick’s solo albums is often on my CD player, but this just isn’t an album that I have been able to get too excited about. Although I have been known to dabble a little with Tangerine Dream I have never inhaled and most of the electro progressive musos wash right over me. By having ‘real’ drums as opposed to programming and an electric guitar (too often in the background) they have at least taken some steps in the right direction but for the most part this feels like two keyboard players having fun in the studio, improvising and bouncing ideas off each other and recording the results.

I am a huge fan of Wakeman and Emerson, and certainly enjoy Floyd a great deal, but to me this album just doesn’t contain enough in the way of strong material to keep it consistently interesting – there just isn’t enough in terms of dynamics. This is very much music to be played in the background while doing something else and isn’t something to which I will be readily returning.


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