Jeremy - Glow In The Dark (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageOver the years I have heard many of Jeremy’s different recordings and styles; he is one of the few artists who genuinely seems to be at home in many different areas (and normally playing a multitude of instruments). But while I really do enjoy his forays into other areas it is his progressive music that I enjoy the most, and ‘Glow In The Dark’ is the latest example in a long line of stunning albums. Here he has deliberately moved into what can only be described as a more regressive stance on progressive, incorporating not only some powerful lead guitar work and long instrumentals (opener “In The Beginning” is more than 12 minutes long) but also some classic keyboard sounds from  Mellotrons, Mini-moogs, and Arp Synthesizers. This gives the album a ‘classic’ feel, more early psychedelic Floyd that the ‘Dark Side’ era, more Tangerine Dream than Genesis.

There is the feeling that this is serious music, to be enjoyed, but to be played to be listened to and for the message to be heard as opposed to some background noise. When the mellotron starts proceedings with the acoustic guitar on the title track, then one is just waiting for Justin Hayward to bring in the Moody’s, or for Jon to get Steve to blast away. This is solid music, music with real substance – both depth and breadth, and is something that ‘traditional’ progheads need to search out quickly.

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