Jeremy - Mystery And Illusion (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageAs if it isn’t enough for Jeremy to be releasing material on his own label, he sometimes goes off to others and here he is with another 2008 album on the Russian Mals label. One good thing about this is that if you are intrigued you can go to their site and listen to the whole thing ( This is another progressive album from Jeremy, but this one contains vocals on all songs and is even more psychedelic than ‘Glow In The Dark’, and there are some definite ELO influences going on here as well. As with all of his work, the musicianship and songwriting is first rate, although I do have to wonder at times how someone who has released more than 50 full length albums manages to keep doing so time after time. Especially when one considers that as well as recording and gigging he runs the record label and has other jobs as well – does this guy never sleep?

To get two prog albums from Jeremy in the same year is a real blessing, and interesting to compare as there is a feeling of lightness with ‘Mystery’ that is somehow darker and heavier on ‘Glow’. There is more a of a pop feel, as Jeremy brings together the genres that he loves so well in to a mix that is going to be appreciated by lovers of many different styles, let’s just call this ‘good music’. The CD is also available at his own site, and at just $13 US is certainly worth the investment. 

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