Brufford, Bill - The Winterfold Collection (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageThis single CD compilation is the companion to the Summerfold collection. While that concentrates on 1987 – 2008 and 12 releases, this is 1978 – 1986 from six albums. With musicians such as Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin and Patrick Moraz on board there is no surprise that here is music of the highest order. Although not fully jazz, there are still huge elements of that within the progressive style that is on display. What impresses me so much about this album is that Bill doesn’t feel the need to be at the front over-riding the rest of the guys. This feels very much a band as opposed to a drummer with some hired guns to provide the melody. The impression is that improvisation was taking place in the studio, with musicians all on the same wavelength and it is certainly no surprise that from this he moved more and more into a ‘pure’ jazz style.

Of the two sets this is probably the one that will be most accessible to those who may not normally listen to jazz, but in reality they are both essential listening and a great guide to the music of someone who to many will always be associated with prog giants such as King Crimson or Yes. The booklet is well written, extremely informative with plenty of photos.        

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