Brufford, Bill - The Summerfold Collection (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageThis double CD brings together music from 12 albums released on the label between 1987 and 2008, 22 songs in all. Those looking for progressive rock workouts should turn their attention to the companion Winterfold release as what we have here is jazz in its’ truest and many forms. While there have been important jazz drummers since the scene started to be made available in a recorded format, Gene Krupa being of course the most notable, there is no doubt that in recent times Bill has made a claim to being the most important player in the scene. This is not only due to his playing and songwriting, or his ability to bring together great musicians, but also due to the history he brings with him. Many people have been turned onto jazz who originally were fans of his from his progressive rock days, and have followed him on the journey and stayed the course.

Prior to this collection I had heard little of the output from this label, but the collection has been put together with care, showing the many sides of Bruford and his take on the genre. There are big band arrangements through to more simpler bands set ups, although still providing the complexity and spontaneity that this music needs. The booklet is extremely informative and in many ways this is the perfect introduction to the jazz side of Bruford and certainly has led me to want to find out more.        

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