Taylor, Robin - Heart Disc (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageRobin’s sixth album was released as a solo CD, but containing many of the musicians from previous TU albums. Hugh Steinmetz returned on trumpets, Karsten Vogel (saxophones), Rasmus Grosell (drums), while additional musicians were Peter Friis Nielsen (bass), Louise Nipper (voice), Al Taylor (voice) and Steen Grøntved on guitar. Interestingly this was the first release where Jan Marsfeldt did not make an appearance – here all keyboards were handled by Robin (along with other instruments of course). Play the second track of this to many people and you are almost guaranteed to hear howls of derision as the free form jazz of “Cello & Hammer” takes music to the limits. The brass instruments dare each other to produce something even more strange and potentially at odds with each other while an incredible piece of bass playing struggles to make itself heard. This is sonically challenging stuff, music that can wear the listener out, but it is compelling and driving something that is incredibly compelling. It is almost as if sanity is being driven out of the brain – but who cares as to the insane this makes perfect sense.

In many ways this is the ‘hardest’ album to listen to, but yet is also fulfilling and rewarding. This is definitely not music for those who like their jazz and music in general to be packaged into a neat box but for those who wish to challenge accepted norms of what is good and bad. It may be hard work, but is extremely rewarding.



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