Taylor's Universe - Experimental Health (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageRobin’s fifth album was released as Taylor’s Universe with Karsten Vogel, who is probably one of the most well-known saxophonists in the world and is highly regarded for his work in the Seventies with Secret Oyster. TU was this time just Robin, joined by Rasmus Grosell on drums, with Jan now a guest, as was Kim Menzer (flute, trombone, saxophone), Henning Plannthin (guitar) and Jytte Lindberg again providing some vocals. This CD has all that anyone could wish for from avant-garde music with melody interspersed with experimentation, gentle ambience mixed with rock riffs, controlled chaos mixed with lounge core. Songs such as “Elephant Kiss” really show what this band is about with powerful playing throughout and interactive complexity that is quite Zappa-esque.

Sounds effects (as usual) are brought into play but in a manner that definitely add to as oppose to detract from the music as a whole. I would guess that quite a few jazz lovers would have started listening to Robin’s work at this point due to the connection with Karsten but it is the guitar at the beginning of songs such as “Inner Space” that really drive home the clarity and vision. While Karsten is a key player and component to the overall sound, this is very much Robin’s music. Worth discovering for discerning fans of music.  


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