Karda Estra - Weird Tales (English version)

Kev Rowland,

ImageKarda Estra’s 2009 album is possibly, to my humble ears, the finest work to come from Richard Wileman. I haven’t heard quite all of his CDs, but I have been lucky enough to review most of them, and here is a work of such depth and power to make even the most hardened cynic stand up and take notice. Richard has moved to the dark side and made music that is full of the joy and delight of Hammer House of Horror, yet without the gore and more than enough light to counterbalance the shade. Every track is a delight, with “Skulls In The Stars” potentially my current personal favourite. The orchestration is spot on, the combinations of musicians and Ileesha’s wordless vocals combine together to bring together that is light and airy yet ominous and brooding all at the same time. This really is music that belongs on the soundtrack of a major film and I am stunned that he has yet to find a wider audience.

Still, those who have been lucky enough to come across his work before should be searching this album out with urgency – and if you haven’t then this couldn’t be a better place to start. And guess what? If you go to Richard’s website at www.kardaestra.co.uk he is currently selling all of his CDs for just £5 including worldwide postage!! Richard has been creating some of the most wonderful symphonic/orchestral/cinematic music in the UK for some years now, and if you haven’t investigated his work until now then you owe it to your ears to start. This is a joy from start to finish – depth and simplicity combining with melody and sometimes dischord to create harmony and balance. I can’t say too much about this – it is– it is simple wonderful.     

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