Lemon Clocks, The - Now Is The Time

Kev Rowland,

Image“Back to the Garden of Eden, that’s where I want to be”. In this sense the Garden of Eden must be San Francisco in the years 67-68 as that is where Jeremy Morris, Todd Borsch (The Ringles/The Gilligans), and Stefan Johansson (The Proper Electronic Company) take us on an incredible psychedelic ride. This does not sound as if it comes from the present day – the only thing that gives it away is the production – but rather that this is a long lost gem. The trio harmonise and create a soundscape that just isn’t heard these days – all three provide guitar so I can’t say who does what, but whether it is the fuzzed MC5 slabs of “Rainbow Bridge”, the Byrds-like jangly “Life Is Like A Dream” or the Floyd-esque closer “Lemon Clock Land” this is a masterpiece throughout.

This is essential for anyone who wishes we were back in the summer of love – an incredible piece of work.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie