Stormy Atmosphere - Colorblind

Kev Rowland,

ImageApparently this album was originally released in 2009, but I have only just been sent a copy by Mals and I note that release is copyrighted 2012 so I guess that this is a reissue. In which case all power to Mike Lanin for grabbing this as it is a joy to listen to from start to finish. Definitely one for fans of bands like Kamelot, this is symphonic progressive metal with plenty of twists and changes. One of the sheer delights is the two lead singers, Dina Shulman and Teddy Shivets – while there is nothing that unusual in having two singers, it is definitely different to have two that both sound as if they have been professionally trained. There are times when their voices soar and mingle in a way that I just haven’t come across too often in popular music. They both take lead as well, and there are times when that is against a gentle acoustic backdrop as on “Bridge” but there are others where they are against a musical maelstrom.

This is an album that I fell in love with the very first time I played it, and the more I have listened to it the more I have got from it. The use of additional musicians (flute, violin etc) has allowed the core band to spread their wings and the result is an album that at times is very different to anything else that is around, yet is always accessible and melodic. This is one of the few bands I have heard from Israel, and I can only hope that the scene is vibrant enough for them to be able to cut another album as this is superb. or   

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