Charcoal Tongue - 24 Hours: My Deterioration

Kev Rowland, Charcoal Tongue - 24 Hours: My Deterioration

Charcoal Tongue have decided to do things a little differently, and instead of releasing an album they are instead first putting out three digital EP’s through Spinefarm, of which this is the first. Four songs, fifteen minutes in total, which have been heavily influenced by nu-metal yet somehow also contain a high pop element, it is certainly an interesting start. Singer Christopher Mora said that he “was in a really dark place writing these songs and I think that translated into this EP sonically and lyrically. I needed to get this part of the story off my chest in order to make it to self-realization and eventual recovery.” There is a lot of anger contained within this, but while Mora can scream and rant with the best of them, he also has a wide vocal palette and uses this to create many different styles and patterns here. Musically the guys end up all over the place, with keyboards coming in and out, strange shifts that move them into almost pronk territory, but then coming crunching back. It will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie