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Curse The Fall - Symbiosis

Kev Rowland, Curse The Fall - Symbiosis

Some bands can channel their anger and aggression into a devastating onslaught of metallic power. Some bands can entwine the scars that life has given them in melancholy melody and speak to the shared experiences of listeners. Some bands can impress with a sweetly crafted solo or finely structured songs. And some, rare bands, can bind all those things together into one sonic structure of power, emotion, melody and skill. Are Oklahoma City’s Curse The Fall one of these? Their debut album, ‘Aphelion’, was released summer of 2016 and they were soon playing live with international acts like Soil, Dope, Drowning Pool and many more and here they are back with a six song, twenty-minute-long EP.

When the PR company says that this is for fans of the likes of Alice In Chains, Drowning Pool, Nevermore and Machine Head one can understand just how diverse this is. With a twin vocal attack, yet clean and concentrated guitars, combining melodic rock with many different forms of metal, this is certainly an interesting mix. But, I found my ears being drawn more to the snare drums, and the odd bass note that seemed to be much higher in the mix than the rest. Given that it was mixed and mastered by Eric Greedy, who has previously worked with everyone from Fates Warning, Kingdom Come and Smashing Pumpkins to Body Count, Fu Manchu and Vince Neil, this must all be deliberate as opposed to accidental. But when the guitars seem to be behind the drums as on “Seasons” it just feels a little weird. The verdict is out for me, as I need to hear more before I make any judgement, so I will go into the next album with an open mind, but doubt I will often return to this.  

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