Taylor, Robin - Cloze Test Terror (English version)

Kev Rowland

Image‘Cloze Test Terror’ was Robin’s second album and was originally released in 1992. He provided guitars, keys, bass, percussion etc and was joined by Jan Marsfeldt (keys), Jakob Mygind (saxophone), Jacob Christensen (bass) and Anders Schumann on drums. Only Jan remained from the musicians who had contributed to Robin’s debut album the year before, as I haven’t heard that release I can’t comment on what musical changes may have taken place. I do know that I find it hard to believe that this album is now some eighteen years old. The production is spot on and again there is the use of space that I have found in so many of Robin’s releases. This is an extremely melodic album, mixing jazz almost with loungecore before also treading into areas more usually associated with RIO.

The drums aren’t as impressive as they could have been, and in fact if a musician hadn’t been listed I would have assumed they were programmed, but that is only a minor niggle as Robin puts together a tapestry of music that is always enjoyable and thoughtful. This is music to drift into and to allow it to wrap you in layers of complexity and warmth. Jakob may not always be allowed to vent forth but the times that he does it is in perfect harmony with what is happening around him. Interesting to hear music from so early in Robin’s journey which already shows the trademark sounds of what I expect today.


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