Taylor's Universe - Taylor's Universe (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageRobin’s third release, in 1994, saw him at the forefront of a jazz trio with some additional musicians. Jan was still there on keyboards while the drummer was now Mads Hansen. Additional musicians could be found in the welcome return (to my ears at least) of Jakob Mygind on saxophone, along with Hugh Steinmetz (trumpet), Henning Plannthin (guitar) and Henrik Andersen (guitar). Although I really enjoyed the previous album there are far more elements and clarity of vision with this release. The drums are far more involved, definitely driving the music along while the strong brass section gives some extra power in the top end – and of course there are now three guitarists. Strangely that doesn’t mean huge passages of complex interplay or frantic workouts, but just some differing styles and moods that are brought together to take the music to the next level.

Strong pianowork combines with the keyboards and some glissando style guitar to hearken back to the powerful days of bands like National Health while also looking forward. Sometimes the guitars are acoustic, while others there are some strong rock type riffing going on. It really is a case of if you don’t really enjoy what the band are playing them hang on a minute as it is all about to change. If you love experimental music and/or jazz then this is an album that is truly essential on so many different levels.


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