Prion - Aberrant Calamity

Kev Rowland, Prion - Aberrant Calamity

Vocalist/guitarist Gregorio Kochian has been leading this Argentinian death metal trio since their inception more than 20 years ago and he is showing no sign whatsoever of slowing down just yet. Walter Barrionuevo (bass) has been his lead partner in crime for most of that time, but this is the first release to feature new drummer Flavio Coscarella. The sound these guys create is deep and demonic, and it is obvious from the outset that Morbid Angel have been a huge influence on them. This is very heavy indeed, with little in the way of top end to provide any levity, it is only when a few notes are ripped from the guitar in the form of a solo (which is often at odds with the maelstrom beneath) that some light is shown. The rest of the time this is an unrelenting assault where it feels as if the listener is in the way of something which is going to roll right over them.

Some of the drum sounds are too close to the foreground, and some of the mix feels quite muddied with little in the terms of separation, yet these are the only things I would change as in many ways this is a very powerful album indeed. I am sure if Prion were American of European we would be hearing far more about them, and if you are a fan of the genre then there is much here to enjoy.

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